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20 Must-have Free plugins for WordPress

by Aushini Das

Are you looking for the top and important plugins for WordPress which are available for Free? 

You have come to the right place as we have a list of such best-in-class WordPress plugins that will help you in enhancing your business and will take it to another level. 

With over 6000 different paid and free plugins on WordPress, it becomes quite hard to find the perfect one for our website. This is the place where bloggers see themselves stuck. And here we come. We will guide you in the journey of finding the best free plugins for your website. 

What is a Plugin basically? 

A plugin can be referred to as a class of functions that helps in strengthening your WordPress website. Such plugins can help in extending the functionalities of your website and may also add additional, advanced features to your WordPress website. 

The WordPress plugins are encoded in PHP and are made in such a way to easily get integrated with your WordPress website. Whether paid or free, you can use them to grow your online business or blog. 

Top Free WordPress plugins for your website 

1. WooCommerce 

The first one in our list of Free plugins for WordPress is WooCommerce. This plugin indeed works very well for e-commerce websites if you are building it up in a hurry. For e-commerce online stores, it can be the go-to solution for fulfilling all your requirements with its superlative functions. 

This plugin helps in providing you with some beautiful themes which may suit well on your brand. This plugin is best for customizing your online store within seconds. 

2. TablePress

You must be in need of creating tables on your WordPress website pages. And, this plugin will help you in adding tables to your websites swiftly. The rating of this plugin says it all. You can go check it out. 

You need not look for other options now as with TablePress, you can do it all, that too, in a creative way. With a very simple shortcode, you can easily add your table to any of the blog posts or pages on your website. 

3. Elementor

It is WordPress with unlimited designs for you in the process of building a website. This WordPress plugin is indeed the best and is full of special features to enhance your website. You will get an amazing user experience with this plugin. 

You don’t know to code? Not an issue! 

In the process of making your website’s pages better than they were before with Elementor, you do not need to know to code. This plugin allows you to add audio bits with the help of SoundCloud and also you can add a sidebar on any of the pages. 

4. Ninja Forms

It is an essential piece in our list of top-rated WordPress plugins. It allows you to create a contact form that will help you in business management. So, if you need to have something like this on your website, then make this plugin your priority. 

Even if you are a beginner, you can still make use of this plugin easily. Adapt this top-rated plugin to enjoy its features like unlimited form submissions, drag and drop builder, regular updates, import or export forms, and so on. 

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5. Smart Slider 3

Earlier, it seemed impossible to add sliders on our website. But now, you can do it with the help of this plugin called Smart Slider 3. This superior plugin works well for almost every type of theme. 

Some of the features available within this plugin include Slide Library, page builder support, slide backgrounds, template slider, dynamic slides & layers, and much more. You can also export or import slides. Also, there is an Autoplay timing option available with this plugin.

6. MailChimp for WordPress

This plugin is of major applications for your website and getting it for free makes it all even more worthy.

It allows its users to build any kind of opt-in forms and also you can sync with forms on the website. Another function of this plugin is to translate in any preferred language. 

7. Yoast SEO

You can ask any SEO professional about the importance of SEO and also about the importance of this plugin. It is among the top tools which can get your website top rankings in search engines. Once you get this top-rated plugin for WordPress, it will handle easily your website’s on-page SEO. 

This one is a preferable plugin for analysis of both SEO and readability. For syncing, you can add it on with themes also. 

8. Monster Insights

After getting your hands on a number of marketing strategies, now you will want to analyze the progress too. It is all possible with this plugin which works wonders for you. 

It has Google Analytics integrated with it which ultimately helps in deciding about enhancing your blog or business according to the growth. 

9. Broken Link Checker

Marketing and SEO lead generation are two important aspects in the growth and enhancement of one’s online business. And, we guarantee you both these aspects fulfilled with this plugin. 

With this plugin, you can track any external or internal link on your website. Also, you can test these links which will help in improving the SEO quality too. 

10. Redirection

SEO professionals will wish to drag their traffic from the website’s previous post to the newer ones. And, for doing this, we highly recommend this WordPress plugin for you. 

You can simply do this without the need for any assistance. Along with this, you get the configurable logging feature which will allow you to check for the redirection on your website. 

11. Google Authenticator

This security-providing plugin is indeed perfect for locking up your website’s log-in page. It also has a feature for two-factor authentication through the Google authentication application.

This plugin may work well for the administrator account. 

12. WordFence Security

Maintenance and security, both are important for a website. And so is for you. so, you need WordFence security for your WordPress website. 

This wonderful plugin entails an endpoint firewall and malware scanner. It will also save your website from brute force attacks. 

13. Pretty Links

Monitoring the affiliate links becomes easy with this amazing plugin called Pretty Links. It allows you to manage and share the URL of your website, on and off. It can also help in shortening the links while making use of your domain. 

The advantages of this plugin include view click details like browsers, remote host, etc. Also, you can create no index and no-follow links. 

14. Login Lockdown

Your website will stay away from brute force attacks and malware hacking with this plugin. This plugin will help in recording the IP address and will also record the timestamp about every failed unsuccessful login attempt. 

With this easy-to-use plugin, you can secure your WordPress website efficiently. If it notices failed login attempts continuously for 3 times, then this plugin locks that IP address for at least 1 hour. and the administrator can get the locked IP address easily.

15. Duplicator

This plugin is trusted by many professionals and you can use it too. It is found to be useful for website owners who want to get WordPress to some new host or for those who want to bring in a self-owned hosted staging website. This plugin can help in backing up a WordPress website manually. 

16. Head, Footer and Post Injections

You can use this plugin to add codes to the functions.php file easily. 

These codes can be added to the footer, header, or post content. It also allows you to add Facebook Pixel or Google Analytics which are quite an important process for your website. Also, it does not take any personal information of any user. 

17. Enable Media Replace

This plugin is another top-rated WordPress plugin that relaces an image in your device’s library by any new file at this place. Thus, it reduces your efforts of deleting and re-uploading. Also, it helps in resizing the uploaded image. 

18. Advanced Custom Fields

Now, users can have complete control of the WordPress edit screen and custom field data. This plugin will make your website flexible. 

It has 30 field types and works well for fulfilling the requirements of many users. You can also get your hands on its premium edition if you need more of such useful features. 

19. Add to any Share Button

This WordPress plugin will allow you to have a social media share button on your website. It will help your website in upsurging the engagement and traffic to your website. Anybody can share your website pages over any social media network. It also syncs your engagement with Google Analytics. 

20. Autoptmize

You can perform effective optimization of your website by using this plugin. It can easily access the JAVAScript, HTML, or CSS coding of your WordPress website. This plugin deletes all the unimportant characters on the website. 

Also, this plugin can accommodate multiple files into a single one. 

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