30 Best HTML Editors for your site

by Sheena Dawar

This article is for all the web developers and web designers. We are going to discuss some inevitable HTML tools for your use. Such programs help all the web designers in creating their top-notch websites and also in checking for different errors. These editors provide a hassle-free programming for editing, managing and creating unlimited web pages. 

Earlier, we used to type the whole coding structures manually. Those days are now gone. However, many expert web designers still go for manual coding, but for those who don’t really wish to do so much, they have got HTML editors. These editors actually curtail a major burden of web developers. 

So, knowing the importance of HTML editors, we should also know which are the most useful editors for us. In this article, we will talk about the best 30 HTML editors which you will definitely find useful. 

But before that, we need to know what are the HTML editors. 

What are HTML Editors? 

These create a language code which eventually helps us in editing of HTML very easily. It is actually a tool based on text which can be used to directly edit the code and you can also get a preview of the pages. 

Some write the codes manually while others take the complete advantage of the available HTML editors. These editors help in understanding the code even better. So, people trust these HTML editors for creating and maintaining their websites. So, they are considered a very useful tool for all the web developers. 

You can check the errors using these editors. Along with it, there are many layouts available which you can experiment with your website. An HTML editor highlights the syntaxes to be used and inserts the most used HTML structures itself and thus, helps in writing codes. They also have a feature of automatic completion. 

HTML editors are incredibly useful because they can also translate anything written in CSS, JavaScript or XML language into any other preferred language. Both beginners as well as expert developers can get their hands over the HTML editors. 

Types of HTML Editors

There are basically two types of HTML editors which are the following: 

  1. WYSIWYG Editor (What you see is what you get editor): This HTML editor works well for people who are like a beginner at coding. This editor provides a preview for your coding. Thus, this editor is very easy to use. 
  2. Textual HTML Editor: From the name itself, we can guess it as a simple editor with which you can do the code editing in text. But this is for those with experience in writing and understanding coding. This is because there is no live preview option available when you use the textual editor. 

Best HTML Editors of 2021 

1. Sublime Text:

It allows you to select many lines in one go. Along with it, you can also replace or change your selected lines easily. It provides you an ability of using multiple languages including Ruby, C++, C, JavaScript, HTML, Python, CSS, C#, and so on. It is compatible for people having access to Linux, Windows or OS X operating systems


  • It provides a feature of auto-completion. 
  • It supports the feature of multicolor scheme. 
  • It also helps with UTF8 BOMs.

2. Adobe Dreamweaver CC:

This HTML Editor is a nice option for all the expert web designers or graphic designers out there. You can use this editor by integrating it with some Adobe CC suite software. 


  • It has a feature of multiple languages which provides an ultimate coding experience with user friendly and modern interface. 
  • This editor provides a feature of Bootstrap integration which can help you in creating responsive designs for your website. 
  • You can use numerous documents like JSON, XML, JavaScript, SVG, SQL, PHP, HTML templates which will help you in designing the websites. 

3. Visual Studio Code:

This HTML editor comes with a number of advanced features which may include built-in VS code and command line interface. It allows the web developers to perform the easy execution of JavaScript language and to debug. 


  • The powerful linting tool of this editor allows you to find errors while coding. 
  • The feature of built-in VS coding provides various abbreviations, helpful in making the HTML and CSS even faster. 

4. Brackets:

It is a very light weight HTML editor preferable for everyone. By using this editor, you can easily toggle amongst the source code and the browser view. It is well compatible for macOS. 


  • This software contains inbuilt management extension tool which helps with effective and pre-processing support. 
  • It also provides pre-processor, in-line editors and options of live preview. 

5. GNU Emacs:

This real-time HTML editor is one of the best editors available which you can run on different platforms such as BSDS, macOS, Windows and Linux. 


  • This free software allows you to code in your preferred language. 
  • This editor provides Unicode support. 
  • Also, this editor allows complete extension of environment development in integrated form with customizable Lisp interface. 

6. JSFiddle:

This HTML Editor is a captivating online editor. This editor supports JavaScript, CSS, HTML and also snippets also. The code snippets in this editor JSFiddle are called Fiddles. 


  • You can load the library with the help of JavaScript of JSFiddle. 
  • For JavaScript framework, JSFiddle gives an ultimate support. 
  • With this editor, you are also allowed to opt for different language versions. 

7. JSBin:

It has both free and premium versions for its users. This online editor for HTML supports JavaScript, CSS and HTML. It works efficiently and provides some amazing features such as auto-ending brackets, highlighting brackets etc.


  • This editor supports mobile testing. 
  • It demonstrates the code output quickly. 

8. CodePen:

This tool also works efficiently and helps you with education, writing and teams. You can opt for either free or paid versions of this HTML Editor. 


  • This editor provides privacy to you. 
  • It allows you to check the coding output over different devices. 

9. Atom:

This HTML editor is one of the best WYSIWYG HTML editor available for us. This one is super compatible for the users of Linux, macOS X, and Windows too. You get the quickest results with its feature of auto-completion. Also, it has a user-friendly interface which is even simpler than other HTML editors. 


  • This editor has a merged package manager. 
  • This editor can handle a number of panes. 
  • It provides features like macro recording and playback also. 
  • It allows the users to perform cross-platform editing. 

10. Notepad++ :

This editor is among the best solutions for ACE web developers because it can help you to edit many documents in separate tabs. This editor contains every required feature which is not available in general Notepad. 


  • It allows the use of multi-language as well as multi-documents. 
  • It has features like playback options and macro recording also. 

11. LiveWeave:

It is one of the easiest HTML editors. This tool can be used for editing CSS, HTML and JavaScript also. 


  • With this editor, one can upload the progress at any time they want. 
  • It works as an ideal platform for practicing HTML, editing the codes, or to try other innovative ideas. 

12. Aptana Studio 3:

This one is a free and a very convenient HTML editor. Also, it is the best source to be used for web application IDE (Integrated Development Environment). You can use it on Windows, Linux or on macOS. 


  • With this HTML editor, you can perform editing, preview and also you can build CSS, PHP, Python, JavaScript, Ruby on Rails code. 
  • This editor allows you to customize everything as per your needs. 
  • This HTML editor has a number of protocols including FTP, FTPS, Capistrano and SFTP also. 

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13. Phase 5 HTML Editor:

This HTML editor is compatible for the users of Windows only. Its free version is for school students as well as for the home users. 


  • This HTML editor provides an easy to use interface for its users. 
  • This editor has a very clear arrangement of menu. 
  • This editor makes the document switching extremely easy with the feature of integrated file management. 

14. Kompozer:

It is a WYSIWYG type of HTML Editor. This is a free platform which is best suited for beginners who don’t know much about web developing. Yet, beginners can provide a professional touch to their website using this tool. 


  • You can make customizations easily with this editor. 
  • It has a feature of inline spelling checker. 
  • This editor provides convenient editing to its users. 

15. NoteTab:

It has free services for the users of Windows as well as Linux. Also, this HTML editor is very fast in comparison to any other editor. 


  • For insertion of tegs, you get a feature of auto-completion. 
  • Insert code snippets. 
  • This HTML editor makes the handling of multiple pages quite easier. 

16. BareBones Edit:

This HTML editor is also very popular among all of these. It provides us some advanced features which ultimately help with the manipulation, editing and searching any text. 


  • It has features of both Auto text completion as well as of auto coding completion. 
  • This editor provides a user-friendly interface to its users. 
  • Also, it has an option of inbuilt spell checking. 

17. CotEditor:

It is majorly used by the Mac users. It has an option of syntax highlighting for all the major languages like Python, HTML, Ruby and PHP. 


  • This HTML editor provides an automated backups even when the users are in between their editing process. 
  • It also provides features of search and string replacement also. 

18. Microsoft Visual Studio Community:

This editor helps the users in creation of applications for desktops, mobiles or webs by providing visual IDE to its users. 


  • There are a number of programming languages available with this HTML editor. 
  • This editor is beginners friendly and provides updated and advanced features. 

19. Tiny MCE:

It is one of the best editing platforms for website developers for mainly texts. Also, it allows us to integrate this editor with Angular, RAILS, jQuery etc. 


  • This HTML editor is configurable. 
  • You get dynamic file uploading with this editor. 

20. Google Web Designer:

By using this HTML editor, the users can create attractive as well as engaging content very easily. Also, this editor helps one in using animated and interactive elements for uplifting of their content. 


  • This editor provide support to responsive ads. 
  • You can get a really dynamic workflow with this HTML editor. 
  • It provides various display ads or video ad formats. 
  1. BBEdit: This is one of the best HTML editors for professional project integration. It is highly compatible for the users of macOS. 


  • It provides the features of SFTP, Syntax coloring and the code folding. 
  • You also get an integrated Auto text and spell checker. 
  • It provides the feature of code completion too.

22. Komodo Edit:

This is a very fast HTML editor which you can use on any operating system from Linux, windows and macOS X. Also, it has some other features such as debugging tool and project wizard. 


  • It has features like code coloring, macros, support and syntax highlighting. 
  • You are allowed to code in any language like HTML5, JavaScript, Perl, Python, Ruby on Rails. 

23. NetBeans:

This open-source editor is mainly used by users of HTML5 language. Its features like templates, highlighting and wizards provide the required fast results. 


  • It allows the developers to work on various desktop applications and mobile applications which may include Java ME embedded applications and java card applications. You can install these on Linux, Windows and macOS. 
  • It allows us to build responsive and easy to use web applications with the help of the integrated Java IDE platform available with this editor.

24. Bluefish:

Bluefish is among the best HTML editor for experts in web developing and programming. It can be accessible on any operating system such as Solaris, Windows and on OpenBSD. 


  • You get a feature of auto closing of tags for nested languages. 
  • It is very light weight editor with graphical user interface. 
  • Incase of crash or shutdown, you get an option of data auto-recovery.
  • It has a strong feature of search and replace. 

25. TextMate:

It works well for all the Mac users. You can conveniently work on IDEs by its property of auto-indent. 


  • You can have a quick navigation and overview with the auto-pairing option of this HTML editor. 
  • It contains an option of Syntax highlighting and foldable coding blocks. 
  • It allows the users to run the Shell commands and also to have the clipboard history within the documents. 

26. BlueGriffon:

This HTML editor has all the required features to be used in creation of web pages. Also, it supports almost every platform including Linux, Windows and macOS. 


  • Users can access numerous themes with this editor for source view. 
  • It provides many shortcuts for editing of CSS. 
  • It allows us to change border color very easily so as to adjust the border style. 

27. Light Table:

It has so many advanced features of next generation which are useful for coders as well as developers. With the help of inline results, it allows the users to create an inline evaluation of coding. 


  • It has a plugin managers tool and a very powerful interface useful for developers. 
  • You are allowed to shape IDEs according to your needs with the help of its keymaps and behavior object tags. 

28. CoffeCup HTML Editor:

This professional WYSIWYG HTML editor is very convenient to use and provides us with the built-in tools which allows us to open W3C validation. 


  • It has an option of preview by split-screen with which the editor becomes able to see the webpage. 
  • The FTP uploader of this HTML editor allows us to publish our website wherever we want to. 

29. Coda:

It is a very useful HTML editor, especially for the premium web developers. It has some really advanced features which can help in managing and organizing the website codes very easily. 


  • It has a feature of side-wide indexing which allows us to manage the classes and functions of our project very efficiently. 
  • Right from the program window, CSS users are allowed to perform real-time editing in their codes within this HTML editor. 
  • You can use this software to easily publish the created website. 

30. UltraEdit:

This HTML editor is very powerful as well as user-friendly. It allows us to edit our programs very easily. Also, you can opt for either paid or free version of this editor. 


  • This HTML editor supports SFTP, FTPS and FTP also. 
  • It provides a feature of editing with split-window. 
  • You can use this editor with different operating systems such as Linux, Windows and Mac. 


So, we have discussed the top 30 HTML editors available today. As we know, choosing an HTML editor is quite an important step as it suggests which features will be available to us. So, choose wisely what features you need and will be good for your creating your website. 

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