52 Questions & Answers in Canva

52 Questions & Answers in Canva

by Jyotsna

Though Canva is a very easy software to learn and use, if you start teaching it to students you face problems like what to teach and how to make it a teaching module, how to fix the duration of this course etc.

There are a lot of examples on the internet (youtube) but all the information is not assimilated at one place. I decided to do so. I have deliberately chosen the topics which can be tried on the free version of Canva.

52 Questions & Answers in Canva

How to start?

  • Enter through any google account on the laptop on the free version of Canva.


1. How to make posters on the fly using templates?

  • Click any template.

2. How to upload images from device/google?

  • Device ; Click upload images, select device and then go to the path where the image is stored.
  • Google: Copy any image to device from google search result and then do as above.

3. Which graphic files you cannot upload in Canva?

  • .gif

4. How to upload photos from a device into Canva?

  • Click upload images and do as in Q2.

5. How does one save posters in Canva?

  • It is saved automatically.

6. How to change text and image blocks in templates of poster?

  • Select the respective block of text or image in the poster and replace it one by one or edit it one by one.

7. How to add pages to Poster?

  • Click Add page at the bottom of the first page of the poster.

8. How to add a title to Poster?

  • On the top of Poster, change the default title: “Untitled design”.

9. How to change font style?

  • Select the text and a menu appears on top of the poster, change font style as desired.

10. How to change font color?

  • Select the text and a menu appears on top of the poster, change font color as desired.

11. How to change font size?

  • Select the text and a menu appears on top of the poster, change font size as desired.

12. How to move text?

  • Select the text and there appears an icon which is used to move text or one can use arrow keys. Press Right arrow key to move right by one pixel and up arrow key to move up by one pixel and similarly for other arrow keys.

13. How to change background of Poster?

  • Select the background from Background menu on left of Poster

14. How to add elements like shapes, stickers, photos, images to Poster?

  • Select the element menu from left menu of Poster and search for shapes, stickers etc.
  • Select Photos from left side menu of Poster.
  • Select templates to select any image for Poster.

15. How to add animation to Poster?

  • Add animated elements to Poster.

16. How to add effects to text?

  • Select text and select effects from menu above the Poster.

17. How to make text curved?

  • Select text and select curved from Effects menu on of  Poster.

18. How to copy style of text and shapes?

  • Select text or shape and then select copy style icon in menu above the Poster and then the target text or shape whose style has to be changed.

19. How to fit images in photo frames?

  • Insert a photo frame in the Poster and then move and then hover an image on it till it fits in frame.

20. How to align text in Poster?

  1. Using rulers in File menu on top of screen.

21. How to Position text in Poster?

  • Using Position menu on top of Poster.

22. How to add hyperlinks?

  • Select the text and click link icon in menu above the Poster.

23. How to bold text?

  • Click Bold icon on top menu or use Ctrl+B

24. How to italicize text?

  • Ctrl+I

25. How to underline text?

  • Ctrl+U

26. How to add bullets?

  • Select the text and click bullets icon in top menu.

27. How to make a table ?

  • Use a square shape

28. Describe concept of layers? How to bring images in front or backwards?

  • If we place an image on top of other then the bottom image is layer one and top image is layer 2 and one can select a particular layer and make it top layer or bottom layer by selecting Position menu on top of Poster,

29. Describe the concept of grouping shapes and ungrouping them?

  • If you have two three shapes or text and you want to move all together then one groups them by selecting the blocks and then clicking group icon on top menu of Poster.

30. How to change the Canvas size?

  • When one selects Create a design button then one can select custom dimensions or choose Poster then it is drawn on canvas with default size.

31. How to select different images/templates based on different keywords like Christmas/Raksha Bandhan/Birthday etc.

  • In the left menu, put the keyword in search bar and then hit return key.

32. How to download a poster as a .png file or a pdf?

  • Click download button.

33. How to put images in letter frames?

  • Insert a letter frame and then hover an image on it.

34. What is the shortcut for adding text to poster?

  • Press T.

35. How to lock/unlock the Poster?

  • To freeze the design of Poster, once can click lock icon on top menu.

36. How to do deep search?

  • Ex: Type arrows + red to search for red arrows

37. Usage of folders?

  • Save the design in File –> Select a folder.
  • Then see it in Home-> Folder name

38. Usage of three dots in an image?

  • By selecting three dots of an image, one can save it in “likes” folder

39. How to make an animated video?

By inserting an animation element in it.

40. How to change gradient of Poster?

  • By searching for gradient in Background menu of Poster.

41. How to add a shadowing effect to a heading?

  • Select text. Copy it with duplicate icon on top menu.
  • Then select Effects from top menu and select Shadow.

42. How to select layers easily?

First select any layer and then press Ctrl+alt+[ or ].

43. Moving elements on the poster?

  • Using arrow keys on keyboard.

44. Duplicate elements on poster

  • By selecting duplicate key on top menu.

45. Short-cut to upload an image

  • Drag the desired image over the poster.

46. How to crop an element on Poster?

  • Select crop icon on top menu and then adjust the borders.

47. How to apply filters by keywords for searching elements on canva?

  • Search for keyword in search bar.

48. How to apply filters for search by color on canva?

  • Select filter icon in search bar and then select color.

49. How to align text to ruler guides in canva?

  • Select ruler in file menu and then align text along with it.

50. How to select all elements on poster?

  • Ctrl+A

51. How to undo in canva?

  • Ctrl+Z

52. How to make versions of your design?

  • Select “make a copy” under File menu .

Same commands can be applied to Presentation, logo or facebook post or Instagram post or a birthday card etc,

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