25 Business and Marketing Fellowships

25 Business and Marketing Fellowships

by Amit Kumar

The world is morphing rapidly into Online Era, especially COVID 19 impact has done some good dose of changes and to run with the pace of this new-world, we must take on board with it.

If you’re the one recent graduate seeking professional fellowships to open doors of career or pondering to step into the International Experience or jumbled about your startup ideas, in anyway, if you want yourself to stand out of the queue, I suggest you to bookmark this  article.

“25 Business and Marketing Fellowships!”

In a nutshell, Fellowships are the Astounding Opportunities knocking your door; it doesn’t only offer you the required resources also furnishes suitable training and professional network for  your career.

Ergo, Ready to move with your dream? Have a glimpse at the Calibre of Fellowships!

1. Alfa Fellowship Program

Founded by Alfa-Bank in 2004, This  Fellowship administrates in U.S., U.K. and Germany and expanding branch in Russia giving young professionals the work platform of leading foreign institutions, seminars and language pieces of training.

Eligibility Criteria

Candidates between the age group of 25-35 y/o with prior experience and knowledge of  Business, Economics, Journalism, Law and Marketing, posses exceptional academics results and interest in the culture and art in European – Eurasian society are the candidates suitably fit for Alfa Fellowship.

2. El Pomar Fellowship

Founded long year back in 1937 it has the mission to develop rising leaders. This two-year Fellowship accepts candidates from various backgrounds; additionally includes nearly 300 leaders in the public, private and nonprofit sectors in Colorado and across the country.

How El Pomar selects fellows?

Coming from various backgrounds candidates here go through various interview rounds and reviews to be a part in this two-year programme, candidates must carry the required capability, potential and the interest in serving the public.

3. The US Fellowship

Founded in 2013 in Europe,  got a partnership with McKinsey and Co. is a free part-time program that provides an exceptional group of fellows the training to ladder unique opportunity related to Business and Marketing.

Adding to professional one-to-one sessions and classes from an executive coach during this journey.

Eligibility Criteria to pursue this course  is not at all complex, anyone who has a clear ambition to be a CEO and has a good quality of knowledge in the field is required to submit a short application to be a  part of the Fellowship.

4. Knoxville Business Association

Began the journey in 1997, Knoxville Association has been devoting a good platform to polish the skills of students wishing to pursue a career on Business and Marketing.

With Scholarship amount of $1,500, $2,000, $2,500 and $ 3,000 in the first year, second year, third year and fourth year respectively to the students by the University of Tennessee, Knoxville is the plus point here.

5. Bayer Foundation Fellowship Program

With the tagline and goal of “Supporting the pioneers of tomorrow” Bayer Foundation is bracing young talents by providing them innovative and international platforms to uplift their skills and potential.

If asking about perks, this programme carries five scholarships terms and offers Tailored Financial Support to the candidates.

6. Dog Tag Inc. Fellowship

This Five Months Fellowship program at Georgetown University focuses on Business Administration and Management Training of the Graduates.

Dog Tag  provides all the possibilities to improve the business and marketing approach of candidates, by adding their wellbeing and committing time to introspection and growth of every participating individual. Acting as manager  in this Fellowship program, providing unique opportunities and the first-hand experience in operations, staff management, product creation, finance, business development and marketing.

Here are the requirements; you need to pose before getting enrolled yourself in the process.

Candidates must be eager to learn and grow in Business and Marketing Field, willing to contribute to the community additionally with good knowledge and experience in business operations are  eligible for the above mentioned.

7. Emerging Institutions Fellowship Program

This Fellowship typically leads to Africa’s leading profit and nonprofit firms. EIFP provides opportunities knocking the door for Business and Marketing Management designed to match capital investments to the young recent graduates.

Candidates willing to enroll in Emerging Institutions Fellowship Program must have Graduation Degree with specific subjects related to marketing and business including a minimum two year to maximum ten years of professional experience in same.

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8. FDA Office of Business Informatics Innovation Fellowship

This Fellowship platform trains the Fellows to perform in exceptional and dynamic environment. FDA seeks Fellows who got business information specialization skills and marketing abilities with a clear vision to get career-oriented training in this field.

9. Fulbright U.S. Student Program

Available for students from various graduation fields this program rewards educational Grant’s supporting U.S. and international participants. They choose the candidates based on the merit and generally offer about 8000 awards annually to appreciate the efforts of young talents.

This initiative has its wings spread internationally providing students to compete globally. Fulbright is turning into one largest academic and cultural project these days.

Eligibility Criteria for Candidates appearing in Fulbright Program for Fellowship:-

The eligibility usually differs depending on the country candidate belonging from however they expect excellent academics and professional degree of the candidate. Adding to that knowledge and command over English Language should be up to the mark. Candidates  must carry a good amount  of knowledge in Business and Marketing.

10. Gratitude Network Fellowship

A year of development with Gratitude Network Fellowship.

GNF is truly framed to polish and devoting helps to young and fresh social entrepreneurs. Fellows at Gratitude are invited to growth webinars as they believe in one-to-one training sessions. Offer opportunities to connect globally with the international platform. It  seeks candidates who got prior skills in business and marketing and further they end up polishing their skills to turn young Business Leaders of Tomorrow.

11. Open Society Presidential Fellowship

Graduates from Law, public policy and business schools usually become part of the Fellowship program by Open Society .

Established in New York City, this 11-months program changes leads into genuine professional entrepreneurs by offering the learning and lessons of business and marketing.  Students here not only admired by the awards for their exceptional performance but also the salary of $65,000 to appreciate their performance.

12. Scottish Enterprise Fellowship

Based and developed in Scotland, Scottish Enterprise Fellowship is a year term to provide business learning and research about marketing to young fellows.


Candidates with exceptional business knowledge and graduation degree are capable to get admission.

13. TechnoServe Fellows Program

Founded in the year 1996, this Fellowship  carries a minimum three months to maximum twelve months of Projects in African countries, India, America and Caribbean.

This is a competitive Fellowship that  provides candidates with the international platform and cross-cultural environment.

It doesn’t offer salaries in monetary terms but covers all the cost of expenses of the candidates during the period of Fellowship.

14. Wild Gift Fellowship

This 12- month Fellowship program turns leads into entrepreneurs by mentoring, supporting and their talent based programs focusing on leadership and business skills of the participated candidates.

With the mission of “connecting and empowering entrepreneurs through immersive wilderness experiences”, this program is getting high amount of focus.

15. Tory Burch Foundation Fellows Program

This Fellowship moves ahead with the tagline of “Pursue your dreams, grow your business”

This one year programme helps young minds in growing their businesses and learning the tips and tricks to be good at occupational career.

It appreciates Virtual learning programs, workshops and builds business minds. Additionally, the Fellowship at Tory Burch offers $5,000 to Education.


Age groups above 21 years having command over English Language and Good Amount of knowledge in the field of business and marketing and the resident of U.S. is eligible to get themselves  enrolled at the mentioned Fellowship program.

16. The Leadership Incubator

Well… The Leadership Incubator is the one programme focusing on the female leaders; this Fellowship supports women of any country willing to get themselves in the field of business and marketing. This in-person program carries candidates from New York, and will get training for a year by experts and professionals.

Location – North America

Eligible Gender – Females only

Citizenship- Any

This Fellowship focuses on individual learning plans and confidential 1 by 1 coaching related to Business and Marketing Strategies.

17. Venture for American Fellows

This Fellowship moves with the tagline of “There is no courage without risk”. This is a two year programme basically for the candidates who have recently completed graduation and willing to pursue career in Business and marketing or wants to step towards the Business jobs in American Cities.

Working in 14 cities this Fellowship involves full time salaried candidates.

18. LGT Impact Fellowship

This program devotes the opportunity for everyone willing to get career in business and marketing field. And permits fellows to work with Business and earn hand on experience in the ground.

Candidates here work closely with the team that polishes their skills and experience in the field of business ending up creating positive impression on both sides.

Preparing the candidates for the Fellowship here involves, 5 days workshop that ends up letting them meet peers and team of professional entrepreneurs.

19. Halcyon Incubator

A Fellowship program providing opportunities to the young entrepreneurs to face the challenges during marketing and business. This 18- months Fellowship trains the candidates also gives positive impact to prospective business leaders by monitoring them to remove barriers from the path of marketing.

Halcyon works with the mission of “empowering visionaries regardless of their means and circumstances”.

Requirements to be Eligible:-

Shall be a CEO and good at decision making. Candidates shall be fluent with English Language and must be graduate with 21+ years age. Halcyon expects candidates to have clear vision to get career in business and marketing domain.

20. Christine Mirzayan Science and Technology Policy Graduate Fellowship

This 12 week professional Fellowship program at National Academics of Science, Engineering and Medicine in Washington DC is a full time training and educational program that provides opportunities to polish skills and talents of young entrepreneurs.

Each year thousands of students from all over the world try attempting and scoring position at this Fellowship program.

Fellows at the CMSTPG gets stipend of $8,500 as a reward at the end of the session.

21. Atlantic Media Fellowship

World is turning into Global world and businesses moving themselves on internet, here at Atlantic Media Fellowship founded in 1857 is a programme basically works on expanding wings of young and dynamic business minds.

If you’re one looking for training regarding business and marketing and willing to get your career developed in business field then you’re actually looking for Atlantic Media Fellowship Center.

Atlantic 4,01,000 with employer match and 100% vesting from day one to the candidates as their financial benefits.

22. Congress – Bundestag Youth Exchange for Young Professionals

CBYX sponsored by U.S. department of state bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs is a Fellowship for German and American Fellows.

This 8 months training Fellowship program provides network of support through reputable international exchange organization. It focuses on improving career of individuals in the specific field by offering them professional training and result oriented study.

Eligibility of the candidates appearing in CBYX

They accept applications from various backgrounds and countries, person above 18 is eligible and the one with recent graduation degree and excellent knowledge with previous academic performance is qualified to send applications for the Fellowship program.

23. Global Giving

GlobalGiving prioritizes ideas and innovative views, founded in 2002 with the mission of working with nonprofits, individual donors and companies to enhance the abilities and skills of fellows and pull off targets.

With GlobalGiving Candidates posses opportunity to earn hands-on experience with international platform and learn how to effectively manage business and marketing strategies.

The program is highly selective when it comes to taking candidates on board and offer $37,600 as the stipend of the Fellowship.

24 International Finace Corporation

IFC is the Largest Global Development Institution that focuses on Candidate’s Business prospectives. Working on basically private sectors IFC seeks Fellows with good dose of Business Knowledge and Experiences, who will work on deliverables accounting and reporting business bonds.

25. Fellow Program Management

Popularly known as FPM is one four year long course that provides specialization in the field of Marketing and Management to the Graduates.

It basically focuses on Information Systems, Business Policy, Human Resource Management, Innovation and Management in Education and Business Strategies.

Every Graduate with minimum of 55% in academics and clear vision to pursue career in Marketing and Business is eligible for this program.

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