Basic Photoshop Course (Version 8.0)

Questions in Basic Photoshop Course? (Version 8.0)

by Jyotsna

Adobe Photoshop is a raster graphics editor developed and published by Adobe Inc. for Windows and macOS. It was originally created in 1988 by Thomas and John Knoll. Since then, the software has become the industry standard not only in raster graphics editing, but in digital art as a whole.

Q 1 What is Computer Graphics Software?

Any drawing or graph drawn on computer using any tool or software program is called Computer graphics.

Q2 What is Screen or image resolution?

It is used to display an image on screen. It is the number of dots or pixels per inch. The higher the image the clearer and sharper the image. It is set in inches or pixels. Like 1080* 760 where 1080 is the width and 760 is the height. 

Q3 What are pixels?

Pixels are small dots on screen. The more dot on screen, the closer the dots and the sharper the image.

Q4 What is RASTER GRAPHICS and Vector graphics?

Drawing drawn with Pen use vectors i.e mathematical 


Drawing drawn in canvas using pixels are raster graphics which loose clarity when zoomed in while vector graphics retain clarity while zooming in. 

Pixel option is disabled using Pen as with pen we can draw only vectors shapes or paths. 

Shapes are closed drawings filled with color whereas paths are only paths or outlines. 

Photoshop Shapes – Vectors, Paths and Pixels 

We can draw vector shapes, we can draw paths, or we can draw pixel-based shapes.

Q5 What are selection tools?

Rectangular Marquee tool: A rectangular window is used to select part or whole of an image.

Elliptical Marquee tool: Elliptical or round shapes can be selected with this tool.

Single Row Marquee tool

Single Column Marquee tool

Single Row or Single Column Marquee tool. Click in an image with the Single Row Marquee or Single Column Marquee tool to select a row or column one-pixel wide (below-left).

You may color or stroke this line.

First select fill, the color and then click on that line to get the effect.

Lasso tool: Human shapes or curved shapes like duck can be selected with this tool.

Polygonal lasso Selection tool: A Polygon is any shape with three or more than three sides. Such shape can be selected with this tool.

Magnetic lasso tool: Shapes with short lines or sides can be selected with this tool by selecting points close by and they stick together like magnet.

Q6 What are selection tools used for?  

Selection tools are used to select part or whole of image to do various operations on it later on.

Q7 What is canvas?

Canvas is the object on which images are placed and various operations are done on those images.

Q8 How do you set canvas or image size?

Go to Image menu and select Image size or Canvas size.

Q9 How do you move one step backwards or undo the last command?

Select Edit on main menu and then select “Step backward” or Ctrl+Z

Q10 What are tools available in Toolbox?

Selection tools

Move tool

Crop tool

Eraser tool

Magic Wand tool

Clone stamp tool

Text tool

Shapes tool

Pen tool

Eye dropper tool

Q11 What are foreground and background colors?

The color at top is foreground color and the color at the back of image is background color.

Q12 How do you set foreground or background colors?

In the tool box there are two squares which toggle and are used to set foreground and background colors.

Q13 What are layers?

For eg. canvas is layer 1, any image on it is layer 2…any new operation on it is done by selecting new layer so that one can go back to original image if need be. This way we can improve the image by tracking our actions layer wise.

Q14 How do you create a new layer?

On top main menu select Layer -> New->Layer

Q15 What are swatches?

Swatches are colors which you can pick to set foreground color or ctrl + left click to select background color.

Q16 How do you brush with color?

By typing B and selecting any foreground color.

Q17 How do you change the brush diameter and Hardness?

In the options menu, this can be done.

Q18 How do you delete a layer?


Q19 How do you copy a layer?

Layer -> Duplicate Layer

Q20 How do you fill an area of image with color?

Duplicate the image layer.

Select a portion of it.

Select Edit -> Fill -> foreground/background/color to fill it.

Q21 What is a mask?

A layer mask is used to hide the layer. 

Q22 How do you draw with a pen?

Type P and then select path or closed shape from options menu and then using shapes tool draw it.

Drawing a curve with Pen.

  1. Click on starting point and without stopping drag it to a straight line.
  2. Click a point in same line of middle point on right side and without stopping extend it upwards for c curve and downwards for s curve.
  3. Click Edit -> cut to stop.

Drawing straight lines

  1. Click on a point and stop. Click on another point and stop. Click on third point and stop and end the shape when pen has circle around it on pointer.

Q23 How do you crop an image?

Select the crop tool and draw a rectangular window over the image and then use move tool to adjust the cropped image.

Q24 How do you erase?

Type E and select or move the eraser over the area you want to erase.

Q25 Explanation of some tools of Photoshop?

Magic wand tool

Magic wand tool selects by similar pixel colors.

First set the eye dropper to point to point sample.

Then select magic wand tool and make selection and move to new layer or copy and paste or create a new adjustment layer and adjust hue and saturation and change color of flower etc.

Q26 What is a Polygon?

A three or more-sided shape is a Polygon.

Q27 What is hue, saturation and brightness?

Hue is the color to be used, saturation is how much color to use and brightness is how light or dark the color is.

Q28 What is the difference between selection tools and drawing tools like Pen?

With selection tools you can only select parts of image and then perform operations on it whereas with pen you can draw shapes and fill it with color.

Q29 How to view layer panel if it disappears?

On main menu select window -> Layers. It is a toggle.

Q30 What are adjustment layers?

There are 15 adjustment layers in Photoshop

1.Solid color

2. Gradient

3. Pattern

4. Level

5. Curves

6. Color Balance

7. Brightness/Contrast

8. Hue Saturation

9.Selective color

10. Channel Mixer

11. Gradient Map

12. Photo filter


14. Threshold

15. Posterize

Practise questions

  1. Draw a hamburger using layers and brush tool.
  2. Copy a Photo frame image from Google in Desktop/laptop.

Open this Photo frame image in Photoshop by File -> Open command

Select and open another image in Photoshop.

Select the second image with any selection tool and copy it.

Select the photo frame with selection tool and type Edit -> Paste Into

The second image gets inserted in Photo frame.

Using Move tool adjust it in Photo frame.

  1. How to you write text on curved path?

Draw a custom shape of heart.

Select Path in options bar so that only outline of heart is drawn.

Select Horizontal Text Tool.

An IBEAM like cursor is generated. Move it along the curved path of heart shape and click it at the edge where you want to type the text.

Type the text and it is automatically wrapped along the curve.

Try it out (Layer Mask)

1. File –Open- A picture of car 

2. Create a new layer 

3. Create a new layer mask from one of the icons at the bottom of layer panel. 

4. Select the topmost layer and not the mask, the mask should be white 

5. Select B for brush…adjust its radius, pick a color of brush from color panel, say green. 

6. Paint the car green. Remove green paint by selecting black as mask color by typing ctrl+i and keeping the 

mask selected. Paint it with green by selecting white as mask color and keep the mask selected. Keep 

switching the colors to see the effect on car. 

7. Select the layer mask and press ctrl + I to toggle between the two i.e., transparent and opaque or visible and invisible states of car. 

8. Remove the areas where u do not want green by selecting black as mask color and the mask should be selected and painting the area to bring back original color of car.

Use Ful tips:

1.How to draw a perfect elliptical selection in Photoshop?

  • Click with mouse at the centre of elliptical image.
  • Press Alt key and move the mouse by dragging it outward.
  • When the desired selection is done, release the mouse first and then the Alt key.
  • If u wanted a circle and while dragging out press Shift key as well to get perfect circle.
  1. What is clone stamp tool?
  • Select the size of tool andthen do alt click anywhere and then click anywhere to see the part of image collected with stamp tool.
  1. Quick selection tool
  • Click around the corners or edges, it quickly senses the edges and selct them, then subtract from selection the unwanted areas….from icons at top in options bar…
  1. How to adjust line spacing and paragraph spacing while entering text in photoshop?
  • You must MAKE A BOX with the TEXT TOOL ( otherwise the text wont know when to wrap)
  • Adjust your line spacing in the CHARACTER palette and paragraph spacing in Paragraph palette on top next to options menu.
  1. How to Bring an Image to the Front in Photoshop

         If the Layers Panel is visible, and the layer at top is selected, then whichever image or elements are in top layer will appear in front on canvas. These layers can be moved and re-ordered in panel. So to bring the image in front, we have to ensure that that image is on top in layer panel. 

Of course the layer should be visible.


You can’t move the background layer.

  1. Brush uses only Foreground color
  2. With Pen only Vector shapes can be drawn.

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