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by Sheena Dawar

In today’s fast – paced times, it has become a kind of necessity to aim for a lucrative and stable job. No matter one succeeds in achieving what one is aiming for or not, one shouldn’t stop trying. Who knows when one’s fate may take a dramatically booming turn!

TCS Jobs

Among several top jobs that are counted as the dream jobs of today’s youth, the jobs offered by TCS (Tata Consultancy Services) are quite high – in – demand these days. This is mainly because of the reputation of the company and the irresistible salary packages they offer. But it’s not as simple as ABC to get a job in TCS (Tata Consultancy Services). For getting a job in TCS, one is required to clear TCS’ specially designed recruitment exam called TCS NQT (Tata Consultancy Services National Qualifier Test). TCS NQT is a quite competitive exam conducted by Tata Consultancy Services to filter out the most deserving candidates from the lakhs of applicants that appear for TCS NQT to get a job in TCS. So, in this article, we are going to discuss some important details about TCS NQT, like the registration process of TCS NQT, its eligibility requirements, different variants of TCS NQT, etc. Firstly, let’s talk about TCS NQT, in general.

What is TCS NQT?

TCS NQT (Tata Consultancy Services National Qualifier Test), as already discussed above, is a competitive exam meant to recruit candidates for jobs in Tata Consultancy Services. Every year, lakhs of people appear for TCS NQT to get a job in Tata Consultancy Services. But via TCS NQT, only around 10, 000 candidates are given a place in Tata Consultancy Services. The TCS NQT exam helps in selecting the most suitable candidates for the company.

TCS NQT is conducted by Tata Consultancy Services’ very own assessment company and official subsidiary called TCS iON. After appearing for TCS NQT, one gets a score through which one can apply for entry – level jobs in different companies and industries.  A person holding an NQT score is also eligible to apply for the jobs listed on TCS iON Job Listing portal.

  • Mode of the Exam: The mode of TCS NQT is In-Centre. The exam takes place in TCS iON Authorised Exam Centres.
  • Exam Score Validity: The score of TCS NQT stays valid for 2 years.

Types of NQT

TCS conducts 4 different types of NQT. Each of the 4 variants of NQT are designed specifically to assess one’s skills on different levels. Following are the 4 variants of NQT:

  1. NQT: NQT (National Qualifier Test) is meant to assess a candidate’s verbal ability, reasoning ability and numerical ability.
  • Attitudinal Alignment NQT (Psychometric Test): Attitudinal Alignment NQT (Psychometric Test) is meant to assess the attitude alignment framework for entry – level positions. It provides an assessment report based upon personality traits, work styles and dispositions related to the workplace.
  • Industry NQT: Industry NQT is meant to assess one’s overall understanding of a specific industry.
  • Subject NQT: Subject NQT, as its name suggests, is a subject – specific test which is meant to test one’s knowledge in a specific subject.

Who is eligible to apply for TCS NQT?

  • Age Criteria: There is an age limit for TCS NQT. Only those falling under the age group of 18 years to 28 years are eligible to appear for the exam.
  • Degree Criteria: A person holding a degree from any background/field is eligible to apply for TCS NQT.
  • Criteria for Students: Any diploma, UG or PG course students in their pre – final or final year are eligible to apply.
  • Percentage Criteria: One should’ve maintained a minimum score of 60% throughout one’s whole academic journey.
  • Backlog Criteria: One shouldn’t have more than one active backlog at the time of appearing for TCS NQT.
  • Academic Gap Criteria: One shouldn’t have more than 2 years academic gap.

How to register for TCS NQT?

  • Visit the official website of TCS NQT.
  • Register for the NQT exam by clicking the “Create Account” button.
  • Then fill all the required details mentioned in the NQT application form and click on the “Submit” button.
  • After the successful submission of the details, you’ll receive a confirmation SMS/Email.
  • One can view and edit one’s application details by entering one’s details on the TCS NQT product webpage on or before the registration closure date.

TCS NQT is although a quite competitive multi – level assessment exam, it’s not impossible to score well in it. Through in – depth dedication and hard work, every eligible candidate can achieve a remarkable NQT score, and consequently end up getting a job in Tata Consultancy Services. We hope this article will aid those looking for some info regarding TCS NQT. We wish you a very good luck.

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